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Now about me

In 1984 I decided to start raising puppies.  My three daughters were 5, 3, and 1 and I wanted to help provide income while still being able to be a stay at home mom.  I started out with a fairly easy breed, Cairn Terriers, and although they were great dogs to have with children I yearned for Yorkshire Terriers, a breed I had always wanted while I was growing up.  That dream was accomplished about 20 years ago.  Raising Yorkie puppies is not quite as easy as the Cairn Terriers but they just are so darn cute you can't say no to them.

Missouri has the most strict regulations for dog breeders.  I am regulated by USDA, the State of Missouri, and AKC.    At least twice a year I attend educational seminars to learn more about how to raise happy, healthy puppies.  I have a great vet and I love raising Yorkies and Cairns.  A famous quote from Steve Jobs states, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."  I certainly do love what I do.
Responsible breeders work hard to produce healthy, socialized puppies but as with human babies, they can sometimes develop a problem as they grow.  That is why a quality breeder, like Car-Mir-Jac Yorkies, offer a two year guarantee.  Never buy from a breeder that doesn't believe in what they are doing enough to give a guarantee.

 All my Yorkie puppies will have their first set of vaccinations, be microchipped and have been vet checked and given preventative meds but it is not always the breeder that is to blame for a puppy that gets sick.  A new puppy should be kept away from other dogs until its vaccinations are complete.   Little puppies are much like newborn babies.  You have to be very protective of them and that includes over handling, proper feeding, and puppy proofing your home.
I refer to my facility as a gated community for Yorkies with extras.  Where else can you get free housekeeping, meals, haircuts, nail trims, annual vet exams and dentals twice a year.  My dogs are very well taken care of as they are a big part of my life.  I want each and every pup I produce to be a big part of your life also.
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